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A highly effective meditator is one who engages in a daily meditation practice, transforming thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors into higher truth and knowledge. As a result, inner peace and lasting happiness are realized. Anyone who has tried meditating knows how challenging it can be to form a consistent practice, but when you do, the change can be incredible!

Read on to find out if you are practicing these 7 habits of highly effective meditators.


1. They plan the day around their meditation routine.

Highly effective meditators prioritize their meditation practices. In a world where family, work, and numerous other obligations take up the majority of time, meditation seems like a luxury few can afford. However, out of all the things we should be spending time on, an everyday practice of quieting the mind and realizing our highest potential, should move to the top of the list. A daily ritual of going inward allows us to approach the rest of our lives with level-headedness and calmness. Highly effective meditators do not only know this in theory, but have realized the truth of it through their own practices. [Related: How To Create A Morning Meditation Routine] 


2. They know when to say no.

Highly effective meditators set boundaries and stay focused. Sometimes this means having to say no to things without feeling guilty. Since they find meditation to not only provide peace of mind, but also be enjoyable, they do not view forgoing other activities as a sacrifice. They understand that by choosing to care for their mental health above all else, they can live more harmoniously with others. Their self-care and personal growth only benefits their relationships in the long run. Highly effective meditators value reflection and solitude, as much as, if not more, than social time.


3. They take their meditation practice off the pillow.

Highly effective meditators know that the act of sitting and meditating only sets the foundation for the way they live. From there, each moment consists of a series of experiences in which truth is waiting to be revealed. Highly effective meditators constantly engage in reading and learning about ways to find true peace of mind. More importantly, they apply this knowledge through trial and error, finding if something works for them in their lives, while remaining practical in their methods. They diligently work on their self-improvement, continually assessing and reassessing the values that guide their intentions. In this way, the act of meditating and applying the benefits from it become a symbiotic relationship throughout life.


4. They are patient with their progress.

Highly effective meditators maintain realistic expectations when it comes to their personal progress. When we are used to fulfilling standards created for us and determining our success by material objects, we cannot expect to immediately let go of those false notions without struggle. Highly effective meditators realize the place where they are starting from, what they need to work on within themselves, and remain patient in the process. Highly effective meditators realize that each person comes to this world to work out different karma, so they do not compare themselves to others or allow others to measure their progress to their own.


5. They are continuously engaged in self-analysis.

Highly effective meditators approach the majority of situations and circumstances as opportunities to learn life lessons. As a result, any discomfort experienced becomes a chance for self-evaluation, instead of outward blame. Questions such as: Why am I feeling this way? What is this bringing up for me? What am I holding onto that I want to let go of? become second nature. This innate desire to find stability of mind and inner joy, guide highly effective meditators to look within for the solutions to life’s challenges.


6. They create uplifting spaces + surround themselves with positive people.

Highly effective meditators create intentional living spaces. They understand that the places they occupy on a daily basis affect their overall attitude and behavior. So, they consciously design uplifting environments to live in, instead of waiting for the next vacation or spiritual pilgrimage. [Related: Creating Sacred Space In Your Home] Highly effective meditators also protect their energy from negative influences by frequently checking in with themselves after social interactions. They notice any physiological changes, bodily reactions, and mood alterations after engaging with others. They continue to make adjustments as necessary to their evolution and growth.

7. They practice self-discipline.

Highly effective meditators realize almost right away when they are devolving. An old pattern of behavior can quickly surface when faced with an unresolved situation. Knowing this to be a reality, highly effective meditators have trained their minds through meditation to control their thoughts, instead of letting their thoughts control their actions. They take a step back when necessary, choose not to engage in certain situations, and think positively. They apply the concepts of Dhama (control over the senses) and Shabha (control over the mind). Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4. Highly effective meditators take responsibility for their behavior and accept accountability. [Related: What Is Dharma & How It Determines Your Happiness]

Final thoughts…

A steady meditation practice has the potential to change one’s life. The simple act of lessening the thoughts through one-pointed focus can affect every aspect of our being, from the way we approach each day to ultimately, how we live our lives. Incorporating the above 7 habits will bring about the changes you never imagined, but were always possible.


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