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Once I was asked if it was okay to meditate on a piece of trash. Granted that week in class we were discussing and experimenting with different objects of focus, so it was a valid question. I gave two answers. The technical answer being yes, the practical answer being no. In meditation we are trying to bring our mind to one sole focus, so if trash helps you to keep your concentration, then go for it. BUT, whatever we choose to keep our mind on should also elevate our consciousness. Will garbage help you do that? I highly doubt it. So, how do you choose the perfect object to focus on during meditation?

What we choose to focus on during meditation determines if we will be able to maintain our practice, as much as choosing a comfortable seated position. Gurus are responsible for giving disciples proper guidance in this area. According to one’s personality and natural dispositions, they will give practitioners a mantra, object, or something to envision in their mind that will be easy for them to maintain. Until you find your guru, here are some ways you can choose the perfect object to focus on during meditation.


1. Uplifting.

As I mentioned above, whatever you choose to focus on during meditation, should help move you into a higher state of mind. It should be inspiring, soothing, and peaceful. When you think of it, your mind should feel transported into another realm, even if it’s for seconds at a time.


2. Keeps your flow of concentration.

Whatever you choose should be imagined fairly easily and not involve struggle in keeping your focus on it. This is where most people give up before giving themselves a chance to benefit from their practice. It’s normal for your mind to wander. It happens to everyone. So, don’t be discouraged by only that aspect of meditation. Your point of focus should lessen the chances of your mind wandering to mundane and every day things.


3. You can easily imagine different aspects of it.

Let’s say you’ve chosen the sun as your focus for meditation. So, when you sit down, you think about the light emanating from the sun, it’s rays, imagine feeling the warmth of it on your skin. All of these are perfectly okay as you are honing your concentration on this one object. Although you may be meditating on different aspects of it, you are still only thinking of one thing, the sun! This is how we train our mind to stay focused. As you continue practicing, your mind will naturally narrow its concentration. [Related: Everything You Need To Know To Start A Meditation Practice (And Keep It Going)]

Finding a focus for your meditation that will be uplifting, help keep the flow of concentration, and that you can fairly easily imagine, takes time. So, be patient. Keep trying different types of techniques and tools. And once you’ve found something, stick with it! I promise that it will be one of the best things you will do for yourself.


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