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Hi, I’m author & Vedic Meditation Teacher Rucha Tadwalkar. I started meditating when I was ten years old. But, it wasn’t until I committed to a daily meditation practice that I began to see real transformation. Having maintained an everyday practice for over 7 years now, here I share my knowledge and experience of my path to finding inner peace. Read more about my background and experience here.

I invite you to browse the site and learn more about my offerings- book, meditation kit, online 1-on-1 sessions, and blog! I hope to help you discover the happiness that already exists within yourself. Welcome to Shanti Path!

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Introductory Meditation Session

A personal 1 hour and 15 minutes online session with Rucha introducing the basics of meditation. You will learn foundational knowledge, breathing techniques, different types of meditations, and ways to begin to create your own meditation practice. 

The Meditation Sutras Buy Book on Amazon

I wrote The Meditation Sutras as a guide to help others uncover their own blissful nature through daily meditation. In this book, learn the exact methods to creating a meditation practice that lasts, ways to overcome common challenges, and the signs that meditation is working. Through a consistent meditation practice, you will not just feel more calm and relaxed, but steadily move towards realizing true inner happiness.

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The Shanti Path Meditation Kit serves as a starter kit for your altar. Select your items and create your own unique meditation space. Items are portable and your pouch can travel with you anywhere. Set up your altar anywhere. Never miss a day of meditation!
Shanti Path Meditation Kit Malas

Schedule a session with me.

During this individual 1 hour and 15 minutes online session we will go over the basics of meditation. Get started on creating your own meditation practice!

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